Xyience Energy

Zero Calories. Zero Sugar. Interesting.

Read below for my review on Xycience Energy.

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a new energy drink. We’ve all got our vices and that is mine. I peeped these at our local Royal Farms – the matte white can is what drew my attention. There are a couple of different flavors including Cherry Lime, but I chose the Mango Guava. I just wasn’t feeling the citrus tonight.


Xycience Energy’s selling points, aside from the matte can include:

  • Zero calories
  • Zero sugar
  • All natural flavors and colors
  • Vitamin fortified
  • 4 carbs per can

The warning on the side makes me like it even more. “This product contains 11mg of caffeine per oz. It is not recommended for children under 18”.

Sold. Take my money.

Aside from the matte can looking cool, it’s functional. I find it’s easier to grip than typical cans with the shiny finish. Cracking the can open, I could smell the sweet nectar immediately. The coolers at this particular Rofo are ice cold leaving any bev purchased from there literal perfection.

The first sip brought a grin to my face – it’s such a different flavor than most energy drinks. Most of them taste like a mixture of chemicals and hope, but this? This is tasty.

I can’t remember what I paid for it, but it was comparable to other energy drinks. It wasn’t more, wasn’t less. It has the same carb content as white monster, which is my JAM, so I can easily change it out on occasion when I want something a lil different. I haven’t seen it anywhere else other than this rofo, but it could be because I haven’t really went to another gas station since it opened a month or so ago.

Buy you a couple cans here.

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