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Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated.

And I have the tendency to make things just that. Complicated.

I over analyze, over think and obsess over trivial parts of every day life – including my food, exercise (or lack there of these days) and basically all things this life style means.

  • Calorie counting? Yep.
  • Constantly checking calorie burn? Yes!
  • Reading every health article I come across? You betcha!

With all the information available at the end of a couple of clicks, it’s really hard for me not to. Researching is my JAM (thanks for that, daddy) and one article leads to another. It’s like jumping down the health and wellness rabbit hole, day in and day out.

Cancer loves sugar??
Soda has this kind of dye in it?
That dye is made from THAT plant?
That plant grows where?!

See? It’s easy.

A lot of things have came to a head over the last few weeks, and now that I’ve been able to pinpoint my issue I can move forward. Yesterday I scrolled through my Instagram to reach my very first posts and I felt like I was watching a movie in reverse. I watched where I am now, then where I was when my dad passed, and finally where I was when I first opened my ‘gram – January 2016.

At that point of my weight loss and healthy lifestyle, I had lost the majority of my weight (I’d say 50 or 60lbs) and I finally had the guts to share my story. It’s not really any different than most of the weight loss stories out there, but darn it I have stuff to say and I will say them. When I decided to take my life back in March of 2015, I began by eliminating all sugar and eating a whole food, plant based diet. Thanks to these movies, I had all the fire I needed to jump start my new life.

I was serious, and I took it serious.

I was doing a different kind of reading and obsessing during the first year of my new lifestyle. I was all about health in general:

  • I did things to better my health vs losing weight
  • I was focused on being healthier because I knew the weight loss would follow
  • Avoiding sugar was top priority

I didn’t calorie count or obsess over calories burned. You know what I did?

I ate whole foods, and went to the gym. There was no specific training plan, Fitbit, or MyFitnessPal.

Focusing on all the wrong things is gonna get us no where. I say “live healthy and the weight loss will naturally happen” to people all the time when they ask for advice but I haven’t been listening to myself.

Basically, I said all that to say this: Eat well and move. It’s literally all we have to do…


… What a concept!

For the last few days, I haven’t logged into MyFitnessPal and looking through my data, I haven’t exercised in like a week and a half. And I’m fine with it. I’m focusing on making better food choices and will reintroduce exercise in the next week or so. I’m just going with the flow, and it feels so good.

I’m so close to actually being healthy, and healthy for the first time in my entire life. I just can’t wait to get there.

Tell me what you think!

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