My husband and I bought Uptime on a whim and I’m so happy we did.

Fam, you know how I feel about products I haven’t tried before.

If you don’t know how I feel about products I haven’t tried before… it’s basically one of my favorite things about life.

So, last night my husband and I were putsing around Wawa (Wawa > any other freaking gas station on the planet) and I just so happened to catch Uptime out of the corner of my eye. We were there specifically for energy drinks and this was the last sugar free one in the fridge. I snatched it, while my husband got the regular kind, and off we went.

I actually fell asleep before I got to drink it last night, so I drank it on my way to the gym. Off the bat, without knowing anything about this company, a few things that I observed that I liked are:

  • The bottle is thick aluminum – it stays cold for a while.
  • The cap screws on and off!
  • It contains Gingsing and Ginko Biloba which isn’t typical for most energy drinks you can buy at the gas station.
  • The basic design (I’m a designer and appreciate both basic and intricate designs)
  • 5 calories and ONE CARB (in the sugar free jam)
  • Less than $3 per bottle

I was expecting the typical synthetic flavor that most sugar free energy drinks have, but I was pleasantly surprised with the very first sip.

It’s mildly carbonated and has a very light yet refreshing citrus flavor.

Unless I’m forcing a gallon of water down my gullet, I’m generally a slow sipper. That being said, Uptime is very easy to drink and I found myself at the bottom of the bottle in no time at all.

What I really love about it is the nice, balanced and quality energy and focus it gave me. I breezed through my 4 mile training run with out any issues, and left me feeling the best I’ve ever felt after a treadmill workout.

Is it coincidence? I think not.

I will certainly be buying more, as soon as I see the sugar free back on the rack.

To learn more or buy your own, head to http://www.uptimeenergy.com/

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