Tom’s Natural Bar Soap

I’m down to try anything free of artificial fragrance and parabens, including Tom’s Natural Bar Soap.

Not all soaps are made equal. The vast majority of mainstream products are full of studied + proven cancer encouraging ingredients. Using them is just not something I’m down with anymore. It’s been a full year since I tossed all of my perfumes, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, tooth pastes and every other product that didn’t meet my new standard. I feel so much better knowing the products I use are clean and will not aid in any future diseases.


Will it fully protect me from falling ill? Of course not! Am I willing to spend an extra $2 on a bottle of shampoo in the chance it may help my chances? Absolutely.

I love most of Tom’s of Maine products. Their toothpaste, liquid body wash, and now the bar soap are all permanent residents in the Tyre home. I was browsing around CVS during my typical weekly stroll, wandering through the beauty isles when these beautiful new soaps winked at me. I’ve gotten really freaking spoiled with liquid soap – the sud level is through the roof and a wash rag just can’t compare to the scratchies that a loofah provides. I generally don’t even look in the direction of bar soap, but these were almost at eye level and in the Tom’s section. Hello?

There were four new scents, but I reached for the Orange Blossom and gave it a quick sniff. It completely filled my senses with happiness and delight. Without question, I put it in my basket and grabbed the creamy coconut and morning mint too.

I tried using a loofah with no success – I would recommend using a wash rag with bar soap. I put in a good effort but it slipped out of my hand too much.

Tom’s Natural Bar Soap is a hit and I will continue to buy it. At $4.99 per bar, they aren’t cheap but keep in mind I live and work in a “resort” area so everything is basically double the average price.

Get yours at any local drug store, or get it online here.


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