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How I Stay Motivated

Someone asked me the other day how I stay motivated to go to the gym at 5:30AM.

Usually I say “I dunno, I just do”.

Tonight I sat and really thought, so now I’m looking back on how I’ve managed to stay motivated through the last three years.

I’ve learned a lot of things that have sculpted me into the person I am now. Learning of about the food industry, and how it’s just that, an industry, is what got my fire started to begin with. When I think of the food industry, the motivation and desire to eat my best comes flooding back.


Anger is my main motivation. I sit around and think about how sugar addiction is being exploited and made use of for profit by major companies and it infuriates me. I do about 95% of our shopping from the outside aisles at the store – produce, meat market, dairy. I will venture in the center aisles for things like nuts and seeds, but that’s really where I draw the line. Very rarely will I buy soda, items like pop tarts, or any other food like products that are boxed with 30 ingredients in them. I’m hip to their groove and want no parts of being an addict to what they’re selling. I will buy things like quest bars and cookies, Halo Top and a handful of other healthier options, but at the end of the day they’re processed too and should be eaten in (more) moderation.


Another way I keep myself going is by looking at the overall picture vs. focusing on “getting skinny”. A) I hate the word skinny B) I never want to be skinny and C) it’s a good thing because my body type will never allow it. I want health first, a better appearance second. You want to know what’s cool about that? Getting leaner and looking better is simply a byproduct of living a healthy lifestyle – it just happens naturally.

Non Scale Victories.

These are my favorites. The extra fabulous bonuses to living a better lifestyle. The NSV’S. Bending over to tie my shoes without getting out of breath, having a Kip “yessss” moment when there’s stairs instead of elevators, cutting the grass without keeling over and dying, smaller pants, smaller shirts, finding exercises easier to do and having to bump up intensities, someone asking advice on how to lose, someone asking how I lost, this list could literally be a mile long. There’s a NSV in every day if I look hard enough for it, and that’s enough to keep me going in itself.

My Future.

Knowing what I’m genetically up against is also a huge player in keeping myself in the gym and straight while I’m out of it.

Cancer | Diabetes | Heart Disease | Stroke + More

Being predisposed to these types of diseases suck but knowing obesity is tied to the majority of them means I can help control what the direction of my health. I think about surviving pregnancy, setting an example for my future children, what choices I would have to make if I run into one of these illnesses, how it will effect my family, etc. I look at things like this: I can invest in my health with a gym membership, trainer, vitamins and food choices now, or, I pay for major medical bills later. It’s a no brainer for me.

I also treat myself as I hit mile stones.

Never with food, but past examples are:

  • New Nikes
  • Gym clothes
  • Tickets to a show
  • Hoodies, when I’m in half marathons
  • Garmin Forerunner

My next treat is when I hit the 220’s again. I’ll be going to Under Armour and buying whatever I freaking want. Being able to fit in UA was my very first non scale victory – I remember it like it was yesterday. I couldn’t buy “regular” exercise clothes for so long, and I wanted to fit in them so bad. It’s hard to forget something when you work so hard for it. My next brand to fit into across the board is Nike. Once I can get into that, I’ll know I have made it.

I guess in general, I just keep my eye on the prize which is to be as healthy as I can be which is all the motivation I need really need.

That looks different for everyone, but for me it’s getting the rest of this fat off and keep it off for life. So many studies have linked obesity to a host of diseases, and I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure I am not another statistic.

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