Eating Healthy While Traveling

For the last few years, every time I’ve traveled – whether it’s for the day or an actual vacation – I’ve left prepared. Here I’ve gathered some advice and tips on how to eat healthy while traveling.

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It seems easy enough to just pick up your bags and roll, but when you’re living a healthy lifestyle of any sort that’s a literal impossibility. For me, not having a food plan means I’m going to eat whatever the heck I want which never ends well. I have to be prepared while traveling, too.

I’m heading out on a day trip tomorrow with my husband and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to eat. Some may call it obsessive, some may say it’s unhealthy, but it’s what works for me so lay off. I’m the kind of person that is all in or all out, no ifs and or buts. I know there’s going to be probably hundreds of places to eat between home and our destination, and on top of my food restrictions I have the worst gastrointestinal tract under the sun. If I’m not careful, we’ll be pulling over at every rest stop and my brand new poopouri bottle will be quickly depleted.

Eating Healthy While Traveling Tips

Everybody knows the best thing about driving is the freaking snacks. Snacks, snacks, snacks, snacks, snacks, snacks. Well, my ride or die is protein right now so mine are gonna look different than my husbands, and that’s okay! I’m feeling too much progress to cave and eat anything off plan. These tips always work for me, and they will for anyone else who is living their healthiest life on the road.

  • Pack distractions

Pack yourself a few books, tablet, laptop, drawing pad and pens or anything else you can think of to keep your mind busy. When I get bored, I tend to want to snack. Eliminating the root of the issue will put us ahead of the game.

  • Look up restaurants in the area you’re going to

It might seem simple, but sometimes it’s easy to slip our minds. I’ve already checked out some spots, looked at the menus and researched the items I like. This way when they’re there I don’t have to sit and look on myfitnesspal while we’re trying to enjoy yourselves.

  • Bring your own food, just in case

I know this sounds stupid, but just do it. I have a few 6 pack bags of different sizes and I’ll choose which one I use based on time behind the wheel. If we decide to run through a fast food spot, I’ll have my own food while my husband can eat whatever his heart desires. No skin off my back.

  • Make a plan B

Always, always, always have a plan b. If you don’t go to the restaurants you looked up, just keep in mind the options you liked there and look for them here. Most of the time they’ll have something similar.

  • Have enough healthy snacks

Tomorrow I’ll have a couple of quest bars, string cheeses, boiled eggs, celery sticks with ranch and some jello on hand to prevent me from stopping and browsing. I might not eat it (who am I kidding, of course I will), but I’ll have it if I want it. You can’t buy what you aren’t tempted with!

  • Drink plenty of water.

Did you know that our appetite is sometimes created by not hunger, but thirst? Our bodies are crazy, aren’t they?! Keep the munchies away by making sure to drink all the water – not soda, not juice, not alcohol – and avoid snacking all together.

The sense of control I have after eating well on a trip can’t be explained. I say what I eat, not what my cravings say.

On your next trip, pack your food bags, post it + tag me, @gemofthegym on Instagram so I can cheer you on for making good choices when not everyone can!

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