The Seaweed Bath Co.

There’s so many things I love about The Seaweed Bath Co.

The Seaweed Bath Co was one of the first brands I swapped for last year and I come back time after time for their amazing products. There was once a time when I could only get their products online but they’re starting to pop up in my local stores.

So. Excited.

The Seaweed Bath Co. is a one stop shop for most of our needs.

Shampoo | Conditioner | Body Wash | Lotion – All mine.

The Seaweed Bath Co. prides itself in its ingredients, and they should. This brand:

  • Uses hand harvested Maine seaweed
    • with 65 vitamins and minerals!
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Is gluten + paraben free
  • And is also vegan + cruelty free

Plus, it smells good.

When the shampoo, conditioner and body wash came in, I had already taken a shower but took another one anyway just to be able to use all my new things. The shampoo left my hair clean and smelling great, without drying it out and the body wash is simply delicious.

The hand lotion is a new addition. I bought that was I was walking through CVS and it basically screamed at me and jumped into my hand all by itself.

I love love love this brand. I can’t recommend them enough!

Go order all the things, but leave some for me!

Tell me what you think!

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