Tahoe Trail Bars

I’ll be honest and say I’ve never heard of Tahoe Trail Bars until they DM’d me.

Quick Stats: 260cal / 5g protein / 10g fat / 22g net carbohydrates

A representative from Tahoe Trail Bar messaged me on Insta and gave me an influencer code to use to receive 3 bars for free to try. I thought, what the heck? Why not! I had a feeling the carb content was too high and I wouldn’t be able to try them right away since I’m limiting them right now, but when I break my cycle I’ll be able to taste them.

That all flew out the window tonight when I opened the envelope and felt how soft and thought how delicious these must be. How does something feel delicious? Welp, these do guys. These. Do. We all know I’m a peanut butter hoe, so I dove into that one head freaking first. I stood in my kitchen, bare footed – cooking dinner in one hand and stuffing my face with the other. I’d like to say it’s like a Clif Bar, but it’s better than that. I gave a few bites to my husband because I couldn’t eat it all, and I ate the rest of it so quick it’s hard to remember all the details. It’s absolutely delicious and will be a legit staple in our house when we go back to eating carbs.

Now I know what you’re thinking: she’s only saying that because Tahoe Trail Bars sent them to her for free.

Well, YOU WRONG. I pride myself in being 100% honest with everything I say and post. If I didn’t like it, I would tell you not to waste your time – but because these are so good – and good for you – I’m singing all the praises.

Okay – back to the bars.

These aren’t only the tastiest of energy bars, there’s a handful of awesome aspects about them and their creators.

  • They are plant based. PLANT. BASED. Nothing on the planet is healthier than that.
  • They use clean ingredients – Um, that means we know what’s actually in them vs having to google what we’re eating. Score.
  • THESE ARE GLUTEN FREE FAM. Even if you don’t have a sensitivity to gluten, don’t ya just feel better knowing even if you did, you could still eat these?
  • They give 1% of their revenue to organizations that build trails in their Californian region. I might not ever walk them, but I love knowing that a portion of my dollar goes towards encouraging others to get their butts outside.

At $29.88 per case of 12, that’s only $2.49 per bar.

You can go ahead and sign me up right now.

You want your own? I know you do! Get ’em here!

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