Stairmaster Benefits

The stairmaster. Such a love / hate relationship with me.

I used to use it all the time, but I easily slipped out of it. I’m really regretting it these days with all the tags on Instagram for the 100 floor challenge. You probably haven’t heard of that, and that’s alright.

Lemme break it down for you.

My good friend and confidant Daryl started this game where he climbs 100 floors, then tags a bunch of people (I’m usually included) to challenge them to do the same. If it sounds like hell to you, it’s probably because it is.  I did it about a month ago, after not having stepped foot on a stairmaster in about 2 months, and it took me 50 minutes of alternating between 10 flights with a 60 second break in between to finish. Pure. Hell.

I’m planning to be more consistent with incorporating time on the stairmaster in my routine. To me, it’s hands down the best form of cardio in the gym. There’s a TON of benefits to using the stairmaster, which includes:

  • Using our largest muscle group, in our legs, repeatedly. Our legs lift the weight of our body up over and over again, sometimes a thousand times. Hi, sweat!
  • Heart rate increases almost immediately, maximizing workout time
  • Engages your core by staying balanced – as long as you do not lean on your arms or elbows. The rails should be used only be used for balance, not to bare your weight
  • Uses low impact making this exercise easy on joints

With an emphasis on increased heart rate.
Increased heart rate = more calories burned = more efficient workout


I will take it!


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