SkinnyMe Truffles

SkinnyMe Belgian Chocolate makes truffles with only 2.5 net carbs per piece.

I repeat, these truffles only have 2.5 net carbs per piece. This could be trouble.

Quick Stats for one truffle: 50cal / 1g protein / 4g fat / 2.5g net carbohydrates

I’m so excited to do this review on Skinny Me Belgian Chocolate Truffles.

Let me just say now, that this is a 100% honest review and I am unbiased even though I did not buy them. I will not trade your trust for free things, okay?

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the goods.

A couple of weeks ago I was just minding my business on Instagram when this company, SkinnyMe Belgian Chocolate, followed me. I went to their profile, saw what was going on and immediately followed them back. I messaged them and asked if their chocolates were available in stores, because if they were I was making a b line after work. Unfortunately, they aren’t yet, but they’re working on it. In the meantime, they offered to send me a free box to try and I jumped right on that train.

They asked me which flavor I would like to try, and they have so many to choose from I had a hard time deciding.

Mocha | Raspberry | Sweet Cherry | Orange + More

And this is just the truffles, not including the squares. I asked for dark chocolate sea salt and within a week they were sitting on my doorstep.


I got a generous box of 15 truffles and they’ll be gone by the weekend. These suckers are delicious. They’re made with the perfect amount of sea salt and it offsets the dark chocolate like no other. The chocolate is creamy, smooth and rich without a fake sugar after taste.

SkinnyMe Belgian Chocolate Truffles are:

  • Sugar free
  • Keto friendly
  • Diabetic suitable
  • and Waistline friendly

Thank God because I can’t just eat one of these. You won’t be able to either. Bet.

Both the truffles and squares are available in 15 or 30 piece boxes and the price point is comparable to other fine chocolate products.

They’re releasing peanut butter and salted caramel truffles soon and I can’t wait to buy some. They may have sent the first box for free, but I’ll be buying the second and third. Thank you so much for making this great product, SkinnyMe!

Order yours here:

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