SinFit Protein Cookie

I am a sucker, A SUCKER for sprinkles or anything birthday cake related. I would seriously eat a dog turd if it had sprinkles on it so naturally this product by Sinister Labs had my name allllllll over it. I couldn’t wait to get home and tear into this Birthday Cake SinFit Protein Cookie.

This is my review on the SinFit Protein Cookie.


Quick Stats for one cookie: 310cal / 20g protein / 12g fat / 32g net carbohydrates

I hadn’t been to GNC for a while so I decided to slip over and see what the deal is. I was greeted with new products galore, but this birthday cake SinFit cookie literally screamed at me.

Give me all the protein cookies + sprinkles.

On the other hand, we have to be very careful in our protein cookie selection – some are two servings per cookie, some are high in calories, some very high in sugar, etc. Today I threw caution to the wind and bought whatever the heck I wanted to. Whatever looked good, I bought

Do you even see these? I had to buy one.

Okay so first of all, these things are on the smaller side but they’re so soft it makes up for it. These sweet little babies are covered in vanilla icing and little fruit flavored bits. They’re heavy on carbs so I was only able to take one bite, but the bite I took rocked my world. They’re flat out delicious. There’s zero fake sugar taste, the icing is perfect and the cookie itself is pure perfection.

sinfit bite

Sinfit Protein Cookies are: Gluten Free | Trans Fat Free | Hydrogenated Oil Free

My biggest gripe is that this small, 2.7oz cookie has 310 calories. That’s literally 2 chicken thighs and turnips worth of calories with slim to none nutrients. It’s basically a glorified candy bar, same with Lenny and Larry’s and many other protein cookies. Some people don’t have to count calories or be mindful of macros, but if you do I can’t stress the importance of looking at labels before buying any “health” food.

All in all, I would not recommend this cookie simply because of the high calorie content. Although if you don’t care about the calorie content, I say go for it. Buy yours in stores or go here.

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