Schmidt’s Deodorant

You don’t know true love until you’ve tried Schmidt’s deodorant.

This is the best working and smelling natural deodorant on the market.

I’m a former (toxic) product queen, as my dad always called me. At any given time I had chapsticks, lotions, perfumes, deodorants, body sprays and probably small random critters all tucked in my gigantic purse. Learning about the toxins in our products changed that – Schmidt’s contains none of these said toxins.

I turned to the all natural, toxin free and vegan way of life for the items I choose to use on my body and in my home. There are a list of ingredients used heavily in the toiletries we use every day that are known to encourage all varieties of cancer.

There have been few studies focusing on the antiperspirant/deodorant and breast cancer risk, each showing conflicting data, but I’m not willing to take any chances.

Out of all the ingredients that are in deodorant, these need to be avoided the most:

  • Fragrance, which is legally allowed to contain thousands of ingredients
  • Aluminum, used to clog pores to prevent sweating
  • Formaldehyde, like I need to explain anything there
  • Talc, may contain asbestos
  • Petroleum, provides the easy application consistency

Is any of that in my deodorant? No, no and no.

Schmidt’s contains no aluminum, propylene glycol or artificial fragrance.

This is a screen shot from the Think Dirty app I use. See all that green? It’s whatcha want in the products you use. The price is a little steep where I buy it at $7 per stick, but just like buying food and having a gym membership – this is an investment in your health. I choose what I invest my time and energy in very wisely and this is a product I trust and absolutely love.

Get your Schimdt’s deodorant here!

Also: Tid bit! Sometimes my skin will get a little irritated if I shave and apply this immediately, so be careful when trying for your first time. It’s the baking soda and arrowroot powder. It’s not bad enough that I quit using it, but I can definitely feel when my underarms a little angry.

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