Pro Compression Socks

I just love funky socks.
Functional funky socks, though?

If you’re unfamiliar with graduated compression socks, they’re basically just really tight socks.

The key is being tight in all the right places, allowing for blood to flow to our muscles more efficiently preventing both fatigue and soreness. Whether you’re an endurance athlete, just starting out with couch to 5k, or even a nurse, Pro Compression is the sock for you. If you aren’t down with the knee sock (are you crazy, tho?) they have ankle socks and/or calf sleeves available.

There’s a product for everyone!


This info graphic from their website illustrates all of the benefits behind their sock design.

Their knee high socks have less compression at the top by the calf than around the toe area. The design of both the socks and calf sleeves keeps circulation moving by fighting gravity (which pulls the blood down) and forcing it back up making our heart work less and our muscles more efficiently.

How cool is that?

ALSO – as if all dis isn’t enough, they’re made in the USA.

MADE. IN. THE. U. S. A. I love supporting American made products, giving work to American workers through American companies. America!


I usually buy a handful of socks every few months – the designs are always changing, the quality is insane and I can’t say no to the sales they run.

Get yours right now at



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