UTOPIA Glass Meal Prep Containers

Glass > Plastic, right?

I’m cutting to the chase with this one because how much can someone say about meal prep containers?


I had been wanting to cut out plastic for a while and I stumbled upon the Utopia set late one night while I was window shopping on Amazon. They were cheap, I believe I bought them for the cool price of $28, so I thought “what the heck, I might as well…” so I did.

This is an 18 piece glass meal prep set – 9 containers and 9 lids.

While the glass is perfect because it doesn’t hang onto smells or stain, the lids are kind of wonky. I don’t know if I’m just weak or what, but I have a hard time closing all 4 tabs on every single dish. I’m an independent woman though so instead of asking my husband to close them, I do what any self respecting woman would do and leave 2 of them unlatched. We haven’t died yet so I guess it’s fine.

Even with the flimsy lids, I would buy them again.

Get you a set here.

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