Gilbert’s Sausage

It’s hard to beat Aidell’s. We’ll see how Gilbert’s does.

I’m so serious when I call myself an Aidell’s girl. I could eat any variety of those sausages for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the in betweens. I went to reach for my usual apple sausage links and I saw these guys sitting beside them. I paused for a second, left the Aidell’s behind and bought Gilbert’s chicken sausage instead.

Why would I just abandon my man like that? 2 words.

Individually. Wrapped…. Sold.

My breakfast go to is a couple of eggs, a sausage, some spinach or asparagus and a pinch of cheese. Literally the most basic of all meals but so pretty and easy.

I have a freakishly tiny mouth, so I slice them into bites as if I’m preparing it for a toddler, and saute them. I treated Gilbert just like I do Aidell’s. Slice. Saute. Eat.

They’re really similar to Aidell’s but with less flavor. Same consistency, same size, same everything. In fact, if I didn’t know any better I might think it was Aidell’s but expired or something. The price point is great at less than $4 per pack. I probably won’t buy these again, but I’m happy I did so I can sleep at night.

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