Quest Protein Chips

I have a legitimate obsession with Quest Nutrition, and now Quest Protein Chips.

Quest Protein Chips are just too perfect for high protein low carbers like myself, okay?

Quick Stats for one bag: 130cal / 20g protein / 4g fat / 3g net carbohydrates

So, I’m a huge fan of Quest.

  • Quest bars
  • Quest protein powder
  • Quest cookies
  • Now Quest chips

You name it, I have eaten it and I love it.

If Quest were a dude, he would be too good to be true.


I need to know how one company can bust out so many quality yet delicious foods. There are times that I need something crunchy, or I’m eating something that normally would have fries or potato chips beside it. That’s when these will now come into the picture.

They have multiple flavors but I chose the sour cream and onion. You know what I noticed immediately about these? They were big chips and they were unbroken. Word?? They’re really light, crispy and the flavor is very tasty. I mean you can tell it’s not a potato chip, but they’re very similar to the Lay’s baked chips as far as texture goes.

Quest Nutrition Protein  Chips are:

  • Baked
  • Gluten free
  • Soy free

The best part about them is they have 3g of net carbs for the whole bag

They now have tortilla style (like Doritos) chips and a host of other flavors that I am looking forward to trying. With products like these, we have no reason to break our low carb lifestyle.

These get a thumbs up from me. Get them at GNC or order them online here.

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