Quest cookie

QUEST Cookie

Quest Cookie. Protein. 5g net carbs.

I’m there. This is a Quest cookie review.

Quick Stats: 250cal | 15g Protein | 5g Net Carbs

There are very few treats that fit into my daily carb allowance, so when I saw this Quest cookies macros I snatched it and ran. I waited til my husband and I got home to crack ‘er open and it was well worth the wait. I squeezed it through the wrapper and it was soft and welcoming (hard cookies suck) which was a surprise. The wrapper also tore easily which is a bonus because we all know how some of em are like trying to break into Fort Knox.

The first bite was a joyous occasion. I closed my eyes and as I chewed I felt like I was riding a bicycle with kittens in the basket through a field of butterflies. I am a peanut butter gal, through and through, and these cookies are full of quality flavor (and even bits of peanuts!). They’re generous in size and my favorite part is that one cookie is actually one serving, unlike competitors cookies that are actually 2 servings. At $3/cookie at the gas station, it became a very expensive habit. I stepped my Quest cookie game up and started to buy them at GNC by the case of 12.

I love Quest products all around – their cookies, protein bars and protein chips all get me through the tough times that come with restricting carbs.

Buy them and/or peep at the other varieties here. My review is for the peanut butter cookie only, but they are all delicious.

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