QardioBase 2: Smart Scale


The QardioBase 2 Smart Scale is swoon worthy.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, or followed my progress here, you’ll know I’ve loved the Qardio Base2 scale ever since I stepped foot on it. I’m simply tickled to be an affiliate of this awesome company.

My mom did a fitness gift overhaul last year for Christmas and that included the Qardio Base2 scale. A pretty scale with wifi?

Not to mention it freaking smiles at you. Who doesn’t want a scale that smiles?!


Pffffff. My mom did good, fam.

I never really cared to own a smart scale, but now that I have one I’ll never not have one. Below is a screen shot, directly from my own personal account, showing my favorite aspects of the app and scale itself.

QardioBase 2 Smart Scales are superior for multiple reasons.

  • Award-winning design
  • Solid stability on any floor surface
  • New sensor system provides better accuracy and quicker measurements
  • Tracks weight, BMI, body fat percentage and more
  • Comes in arctic white or volcanic black
  • It remembers stats for the entire family, and even has a pregnancy mode!

The QardioBase 2 Smart Scale is consistent, reliable and doesn’t even need batteries. It comes with a charger but it can last up to a year between chargings!

Order yours today to start tracking smarter!

QardioBase2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale – Body Composition Scale (Volcanic Black)
from: Qardio

QardioBase2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale – Body Composition Scale (White)
from: Qardio

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