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Cookies ‘n Cream Protein Shake?! #Getinme


Quick Stats for (1) 14.5oz bottle: 260cal / 50g protein / 2.5g fat / 6g net carbohydrates

My gym carries Pure Pro50 as a quick post workout meal / snack and they sell quick. I frequently hear

Can you put this on my account?

as members walk out the door and have always wondered what the hype was about. Well, I finally tried it one day when I was there for too long with no food. My belly had cobwebs growing in it by the minute and that hangry stage was quickly approaching. We have quest bars for sale too, but I just wasn’t feeling them that day so I browsed the cooler for a little liquid relief. We have 4 or 5 flavors, but I’m a cookies ‘n cream hoe (I’m also a peanut butter hoe but we were out) so that’s what I went for. Within one sip I knew this would be my #1 pick from now on.

Pure Pro50 is the jam, guys.

It’s really no different in taste than any other protein shake but it’s not as chalky, which is a definite plus. I don’t think it’s made to be a meal replacement, just a post workout supplement for body builders basically, but let me tell ya something – it very well could be a meal replacement for the rest of us gym goers.

50g Protein. We’re talking half a pounds worth of chicken.

You know what else I love about this product?

  • Resealable aluminum can = it stays cold longer
  • Little fat and sugar content
  • BCAA’S

Um, yeah.

High Protein Low Carb Fam – GET ON THIS STAT

I absolutely love this product and is now going to be in the rotation for at the gym meal / snacks.

Head here to get yours!.


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