Protein Shake Dinner

Last night, I opted to make a shake for dinner. Normally, I need something more substantial to hold me over but last night I was feeling like a protein shake.

And I’m so happy I made one. I gathered my ingredients:

  • 1 Scoop Quest Nutrition Protein Powder, chocolate milkshake flavor
  • 1 serving PB2
  • 1 medium banana
  • About a cup of water
  • Ice

quest protein

I threw everything into the blending cup and voila! I use a Nutr-Bullet pro for any juices, smoothies or shakes. It is hands down my favorite, and it’s very affordable in comparison to other blenders.

For anyone whose interested, the nutrition information is below:


I put the information myself into my fitness pal’s “my recipe” section.

Low Calorie · Decent Protein · Tasty As All Get Out



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