Perrier Peach

Do you know the joy I felt when I saw Perrier now has peach flavored water?

Just to be clear, Perrier is hands down my favorite bev, so if you don’t like Perrier don’t even waste your time reading this review. I’m not biased per say, but every new flavor I try I love, so there’s that. I swooned over watermelon for months, people. Months.


I do limit carbonated drinks because it expands bellies and I’m trying to shrink mine, but when I just need carbonation I turn to this guy. Watermelon and grapefruit have been my jam for a while now. Nothing beats an ice cold bottle of either one on a hot summer day.

No calories. No sweeteners. Just natural, full blown deliciousness.

I was perusing Walgreens today for allergy medicine and I saw a stack of these guys off in the distance. B. Line. Peach? PEACH???? Yas queen, yasss! I’ve never seen this flavor and they were on sale to boot. I didn’t have a basket because I wasn’t anticipating on buying a case of Perrier, and I didn’t have much arm space for rent. I readjusted and fumbled my way up to the front balancing all my other items on the top of the cardboard case of tiny cans.

When I got home I put them in the refrigerator and laid down. I impatiently waited for the next few hours to pass and I soon couldn’t take it anymore. I slipped into the kitchen, anticipating my first taste of this new flavor. They were cold enough so I busted in a can.


With every drink my love grew deeper. The peach flavor is so intense and pure it’s like I took a bite of a peach then a sip of regular Perrier. This is my favorite Perrier flavor and it’s going to replace watermelon and grapefruit without question.

If you like Perrier, I highly suggest you give peach a whirl. If you don’t like Perrier, I highly suggest you try it anyway because this could be the flavor to change your mind.

Find it in stores, or buy yours online here.

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