New Ink

So I haven’t had a new tattoo in 8 years. Actually, 8 years to the month. The last one I got on a whim and I actually forget I have it 99% of the time but I won’t forget this one. It’s special.

It allows me to carry a piece of my dad with me wherever I go.

You see, this tattoo was taken straight out of my favorite childhood book, the Great Thistledown Flood, by Bron Smith. Every night, my dad would tuck me in and read it to me. It’s the cutest book with the most amazing illustrations – just what a little girl needs in her life.

Throughout the book, there are little lady bugs that I used to love to look for. Once I got used to them, though, I could quickly point to them on every page and my dad wasn’t having it. He went through and added his own little bugs for me to find. Neither of us had any idea how much they would mean to me so much later in life.

It was “such a cool dad thing to do”.

I had been looking through the book for a while now to find something I’d like to get tattooed, but if I had gotten one more tattoo my dad would have had a cow.

Had. A. Cow. In fact, I never told him I got my septum pierced and I got it done 14 years ago.

Part of me waited because I didn’t want to hear his flapping gums. The other part of me waited because I respected what he had to say and listened. Yeah, I’m 33, but peace and quiet won over doing what I wanted. I had to wait a while, but I’m so thrilled I decided to bite the bullet and do this.

Lucky walking in to the print shop I work at last week is what triggered me.

He was getting prints of his portfolio made and I was blown away. After getting his Insta handle, I messaged him later on that day with my idea and within a week I was sitting in his chair.

The entire process from filling out the paper work and him drawing the stencil to walking out the door was little over 90 minutes. The spot I picked is a very tender one and it hurt. It. Hurt. Bad. It’s still red and swollen some 20 hours later, but it’s already looking better and getting easier to care for.

Go on that trip. Start the new job. Get the tattoo.

Life is too short.

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