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My gym carries LifeAid, as they do all the best products. It’s so easy to snatch one on my way out after working out or when I’m behind the desk and just feel like a lil somethin’.

This is a review on LifeAid Supplements.


LifeAid is one supplement under the blanket of many supplements that is the LifeAid brand. They offer multiple different blends for all different occasions and they all serve their own purpose.

  • FitAid
  • FocusAid
  • LifeAid
  • PartyAid
  • TravelAid
  • GolferAid

See? LifeAid has a lot of options. This particular LifeAid is called Thrive – it’s a blend with key nutrients we can drink daily to help us, well, thrive!

And it includes the following magical ingredients:

  • Turmeric
  • Rosemary
  • Ginger
  • Oregano
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Cayenne and more

It’s also certified gluten free, Paleo friendly and contains no sodium

What I really like about this particular drink is that it tastes good.

You know how most of these types of products are hard to choke down? This isn’t like that. It’s actually something you enjoy drinking.

We carry both the LifeAid Thrive and FitAid Recover, for use after a workout and both are very enjoyable, refreshing and affordable. What I love the most is that there are no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. It’s all healthy, baby!

We sell these things like hot cakes – everyone loves them, myself included. The ONLY downside is that they are not low carb or keto friendly but that’s okay! I know they’ll be there after I incorporate more carbs into my diet.

So yes fam, yes! Go out and get yours at GNC, or order them online here.

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