Weight Loss Coaching

My ultimate dream is to be the person I needed when I first started to anyone who wants my help.


When I changed my lifestyle in 2015, I weighed more than 300lbs and was completely overwhelmed. I smoked, I drank, I didn’t exercise, I ate like crap, barely slept and drank no water. All things that I knew needed to change.

I didn’t know where to go or what to do, so I combed the internet desperately looking for transformations to give myself hope. Hope that if they could do it, I could too.

I’ve learned a lot about building the habits to sustainable lifestyle changes and permanent weight loss through experience and education. Through my own trials and tribulations, I now know that consistency is more important than intensity, nutrition and exercise are both important in weight loss, and patience really is a virtue. I can’t wait to guide you down the same successful path I made for myself, step by step.

My coaching is different than what many people are used to. I don’t hand out meal plans and I don’t design exercise programs.

I think they both have a place for certain goals, but not in weight loss. Normal life changes from day to day so meals and movement need to change accordingly. A pre-written plan doesn’t cover a spur of the moment lunch with your best friend, but do you know what does? Knowing how to look at a menu and select the best choice you can with what you’re given.

That is where I come in. Together, we will create attainable goals and a plan of execution designed around your needs and likes including:

  • Calculating daily calorie ranges
  • Working in exercise
  • Tracking progress
  • Overcoming self sabotage
  • Daily check ins
  • Unlimited text/messenger conversations
  • Continuous support
  • and more

If you know you need help but aren’t sure what help you need, or you are ready to commit to changing your lifestyle, contact me today. I can’t wait to chat with you!


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