Krave Beef Stick

I love the Krave pork jerky! Is this just as good though?

Quick Stats for one stick: 100cal / 7g protein / 6g fat / 4g net carbohydrates

In preparing for our road trip yesterday, we stopped at RoFo and I spotted these guys next to the Slim Jims. A low carb favorite of mine, I love a good nacho flavored hunk of meat. There were a few different kinds of these Krave Sticks, none of which I had seen before: Sesame Garlic Beef, Rosemary Lemon Turkey and Spicy Red Pepper Pork. It was hard to pass up my usual, but I’m trying to expand my palette a little. I chose a garlic beef stick and went about my business.

I didn’t crack it open until tonight. I wasn’t really that excited to try it, I mean it’s a beef stick. The plastic was hard to tear but once I got into it, I took a good long whiff and it smelled really tasty. For a split second I thought this could be in my quick snack rotation.

That is until I took my one and only bite. I don’t know if I got an old one or what but it was nasty. It’s like they peeled the skin off a sun baked armadillo carcass, rolled it up and slapped some plastic on it. It was so dry I could barely chew it. I coughed at one point and think I expelled a tumble weed. I’ve learned my lesson – I’m a Slim Jim gal for life.

Just like the barbeque sauce, my husband said it tasted fine, though. This dude will eat anything, I swear.

If you want to try them for yourself to see which team you’re on, buy ’em here.

My Rating: Thumbs Down

This was a no go for me. I’m sticking with the jerky, which is delicious.


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