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Nail polish is one of the toxic heavy hitters that I tossed last year. But not Karma Naturals!

Our skin is our largest organ, everything it touches is absorbed from lotions and make up to soaps and yes – nail polish. I use an app called Think Dirty to scan every product before I use it. It has 0-10 scale, with 0-3 being clean, 4-6 being “half and half” as they call it, and anything from 7-10 is DO NOT TOUCH IT. If you don’t use it, I highly suggest it. Things you wouldn’t think of, like laundry detergent is loaded with carcinogens. (Look at the ingredients list before making a judgement on what to buy, as some of the ratings are high because of popular allergic reactions) To me, this is not just enabled, but 100% encouraged by our government but that is another discussion.

Right now, I want to talk about this particular brand of nail polish + remover and why it’s so important for me that I use it.

Let’s cover what’s in the average, mainstream polish first.

  1. Formaldehyde – No explanation needed.
  2. Toluene – A chemical added to give our polish that smooth and pretty finish. It’s also shown to cause blood cancer in animals and causes fetal abnormalities in pregnant women.
  3. DBP – Prevents chipping and makes it last longer. Animal studies show decrease in fertility, hormone imbalances and liver damage.
  4. Camphor – Added to create shine. Studies are being conducted as we speak to link it with organ damage and liver failure.
  5. Parabens – I don’t even know why they’re in there but they are and research is linking it to breast cancer.
  6. TPHP – This chemical makes nail polish more pliable and less brittle, it’s also proven in studies to disrupt our endocrine system leading to infertility, abnormal fetal development and multiple forms of cancer.

I can’t stress enough that all of this is in main stream products. Mainstream. Products. 99% of the products sitting on your bathroom counter contain some if not all of these same ingredients. Even the innocent Chapstick brand lip balm isn’t safe from these accusations – even it is “dirty”.

I haven’t started a family yet, but I know so many women plagued with infertility and the inability to carry a child full term. I’m not a doctor or have any sort of medical background, but the information I’ve learned about the products we use in our homes every day makes me believe they are partially to blame. Has infertility always been wide spread and now more women just talking about it, or is it a growing problem? I’ll let you decide that, but I know my beliefs and I want no parts of the box stores are selling.

Okay back the garbage ingredients. The remover.

While some ingredients are linked to cancer after long term exposure, nail polish remover is proven to cause less harm than the polish itself. That being said, I still don’t trust it, or the government to say what’s healthy or unhealthy for me. I mean, they’re also the ones that allow a single bottle of Pepsi to contain more than 3 days worth of sugar for an adult man, but anyway.

I said all of that to say Karma Naturals contain none of the above in any of their products. I’m not vegan, but they are and that brings a little comfort to the table. The nail polish does have an odor but not nearly as strong as regular nail polish, and it does get thick fast if you’re slow to paint your nails but it’s tolerable. The remover is a dream to use and it really does smell like lavender. It does take a little extra effort to get the polish off, but that’s okay because the mild smell and complete lack of harsh chemicals makes up for it. I can even take my nail polish off around my husband without him flapping his gums over about it.

Check this amazing company here.

Using clean products without toxins is so important to me, and while it can be expensive no amount of health related costs compares to the $11,000 a month for chemotherapy. Making the full switch may not prevent disease, but I know the toxin free products I now use don’t encourage it and that’s good enough for me.

Think Dirty. Download it, use it.

Source for nail polish facts.

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