Isopure Protein Drink

I am always in the market for a new (to me) low carb product. Isopure has been out for some time but I never bought one because I wasn’t following a particular diet so I didn’t need it per say. During last GNC haul, one landed in my hand.

This is my Isopure Protein Drink Review.


Quick Stats for one 20oz bottle of Blue Raspberry: 120cal / 40g protein / 0g fat / 0g net carbohydrates

This is flat out an exciting product. I’m not hungry more times than not, and having something like this that is light but still has tons of protein, low calorie content and zero carbs is a rarity. The guy at GNC told me to drink it cold, and that it’s a little gritty. Well I didn’t see anything floating in the bottle, so I took my chances and I’m happy I did.

Isopure’s Protein Drinks’ tagline is “protein so pure you can’t see it” and they aren’t lying. It’s crystal clear, comes in a heavy duty glass bottle and is free of:

  • Aspartame
  • Lactose
  • Gluten

and even contains 10,240mg of BCAA’s!

I specifically waited for a day to open it when I just didn’t feel like eating but needed a lil something. Today was that day. My work fridge is freezing cold too – knew it was the most perfect time to try it. It’s actually made as a post workout drink not a meal, but if it works it works.

I took a whiff when I popped the top and I’m not gonna lie, it smells weird. It has like a old milk smell to it, which I can only assume is the whey. The flavor is a little strange, first there’s a sharp blue raspberry taste, then a hint of cream – it’s really hard to explain but it didn’t stop me from quickly polishing the bottle off. It’s not the best I thing I’ve ever tasted but it’s definitely not the worst either. They have an array of flavors such as fruit punch, orange, coconut, grape, apple and more. I’m looking forward to trying allllll the flavas.

I can see this being in my regular rotation of products I use, that’s for sure.

Stroll into GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or order yours directly from their website.

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