GO GUARDED Defense Ring

Are you a woman? Do you run or find yourself in life situations where you don’t feel very safe, like loading your car with groceries? Yeah me too, which is why I bought this Go Guarded defense ring.

My friend Cristina found this and sent me the link to this product about a year ago, but it was still in the process of being produced. The option to pre order was available, but I prefer to wait until it’s up and running to spend my money. I was totally bummed because at that time I was running a lot to train for races.

I had totally forgot about this until a few months ago, when something inspired me to check the site for an update. Lo and behold, I COULD BUY ONE.

goguarded large

GoGuarded Defense Ring, size Large

It was as good as mine.

There are fun colors, but I’m boring and like black so that was that. The order was processed, shipped and delivered very quickly and was in my mailbox within days.

It features:

  • Different size tighteners that fit inside the ring itself to assure a good fit no matter what ring size you have
  • A hard, serrated, plastic point sharp enough to pluck an eyeball or rip a jugular straight out of somebody’s neck
  • A silicone flap that covers said deadly point so we don’t scratch ourselves while wearing it

The best part is the price: IT IS TWELVE DOLLARS.

I used to take a knife with me on runs because it’s scary being alone as a woman, even though I’m six feet tall. This is much safer, easier to carry and effective. One swing will have any offender laid in the fetal position.

Ladies, heck even gentlemen, this defense ring is the jam. Go get yours here, right now.

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