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I waited for SIX years to finally wear an engagement ring and SEVEN for the engagement ring and wedding band combo. Do you know how often I wear them now? Literally once a month if that. I’m all about my Enso rings.

These beautiful silicone bands are just too comfortable, practical and durable to wear my “real” rings. My wedding rings are the jeans to my pant world.

I mean who likes wearing jeans? #teamsweatwickorelasticband


I work at a print shop where I’m always digging through copiers to clear paper jams, changing toner and wet ink is around every corner. My second job is at my gym, I also work out and am outside a lot. Not to mention I’ve lost a stone in every ring I’ve ever owned. Get the picture?

I own many, many Enso rings (see ’em here) and I love each and every one of them. They have an elements line that has actual metal elements infused into the silicone. Copper is pictured above. I also have black pearl and rose gold from the elements line and they’re all equally beautiful. On any given day, it takes me a solid 2 minutes to try on and decide which ring or stackables I want to wear. It’s a legit issue for me.

In all the orders I’ve placed, I had a problem with one – it was lost in the mail. They immediately sent a brand new ring, 100% their cost – only for us to receive the original ring WITH THE NEW ONE. I contacted them and told them we received them both and when asked if they wanted me to send the other one back, they said no to keep it. Not only is the customer service on point, they also donate a portion of their profits to various charities.

If you’re active in the gym, at your job, or even have a baby and don’t want to scratch their perfect skin, these rings are a MUST for you. When you buy a silicone ring, make sure it’s from Enso.

Click the logo to buy yours! Thank me later.


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