Coming Spring 2019: Weight Loss Coaching

I’ve talked lightly about the holistic nutrition course I’m currently studying but what I haven’t really talked about is my intentions for enrolling to begin with. It’s not the only certification I’ll have under my belt and while I believe we should keep our next moves quiet, I’m pretty exited about this so I’ll indulge a bit.


In 2017, I earned a personal training AND weight loss specialization certification through NASM. My plan never was, or ever will be, to train in a gym. I wanted the practical knowledge of how our bodies move as a unit for myself but the course was way more than I was wanting to learn. I got through it anyway, passed the exam on the first try and received that all important sheet of paper.


Now that my first course was out of the way, I immediately went for the Weight Loss Specialization certification. It’s what I needed for what I really wanted to do: coach others in how to lose weight. Within a month, I earned the title of Certified Weight Loss Specialist and was PUMPED.


I thought I was ready to be a coach, and in summer/fall of 2017 I “launched” my online weight loss coaching business. I found a few clients through Instagram and Facebook, but it honestly wasn’t the best time to begin this endeavor and it quickly dissolved.

At this point in my life, I didn’t know which end was up. I was trying to lose the rest of my weight on top of planning a wedding and handling all the strong emotions of watching my dad’s health deteriorate. My intentions were pure, but the timing just wasn’t right.

Instead of addressing all of the above with myself and my clients, I kind of slipped off the radar and allowed communication with them to dwindle. I’ve always beat myself up over this chapter of my story, but it’s helping bring me to where I am now so I can’t be too upset.

So where am I now? I’m so happy you asked.


I’m right here: emotionally stable, focused, and ready to WERK. I used to think that I had to be a certain size, weight or shape in order to help others but I now know my education and experience is enough as is.

I am so daggone excited to complete my third certification, become a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and use what I’ve learned to help you. You.

Look for me this spring.

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