Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

Two things I’m a sucker for: coffee and cute labels – I mean I’m a graphic designer, hello? This Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee has both. Mine. Mine. Mine.

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I’m a huge, huge fan of black coffee. I didn’t always prefer it, but as I learned to live healthier I traded the creamers and sugar for nothing but hot bean water. At first it was out of necessity, now it’s out of pure love. A love that fills all the cracks and crevasses of my heart. Which leads me to remember the day I bought my first bottle.

My daddy and I were browsing our local Fresh Market a couple of years ago and the bottle + label combo of Chameleon caught my eye. I used to love strolling around with him, we’d usually hit up Micheal’s Craft Store and then Fresh Market. We’d pick up miscellaneous items at each spot and he would, per the usual, buy mine too.

This particular visit I found this coffee that is the nectar of the Gods.

I checked the label, it was all me.

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee is clearly “A better way to brew”

  • USDA organic
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Air roasted
  • 10 calories per bottle

The next morning, I cracked it open on my way to work and man oh man was I swooning. It has everything I love in a coffee.

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee is bold, smooth and strong

I’m sad to report they only come in 10oz bottles which to me, is no good. Give us at least 12. 14 would be better. What are we gonna do with 10oz of coffee? This coffee is not cheap, but I would pay a few more coins for a little more. It’s not available in too many stores around here which is another bummer and I can’t afford to buy an entire case of them but I need to get my lizard on more than a once in a while occasion.

I would most definitely recommend Chameleon Cold-Brew to any black coffee lover!

Give it a try and order online here, or check out the product locator page.

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