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Natural Cramp Remedies

If you’re anything like me, and I truly hope you’re not, every month you endure days worth of life altering cramps.

  • Leaving work early or calling out all together
  • Missing functions to stay in bed
  • Living only within the 5′ span of a heating pad cord

This you, too? Yeah. It sucks.

I used to take up to 16 ibuprofens a day to numb the pain. 16.

I knew there had to be a better way to manage my monthly pain and over the last 6 months or so, I’ve found it.

It’s a crazy little thing called CBD Oil.

There’s so much for me to learn about CBD oil and cannabis for medicinal use and I don’t know a fraction of it, but I’ll tell you what I do know.

Before we get into it, let’s confront the elephant in the room.

Yes, it’s made from the cannabis plant. No, not all CBD oil makes you high.

There are two types of CBD oil. CBD with THC, and CBD without THC. In basic terms, THC is the chemical in cannabis that gets you high. When the oil is made without it, there are zero…. side effects. Just pure pain-free bliss.

CBD oil is versatile, there’s many ways to use it.

Usage range from vaping or consuming liquid to creams to capsules. While I haven’t used the capsules yet, I do use the liquid and the cream. Between the two, the cream is where it’s at and I’ll tell you why in just a bit.


There are dozens of brands available for CBD liquids, with and without THC. They come in small bottles with an eyedropper and there are different strengths available per dose. There are calculators online to help you find what dose you need for your specific body and ailment, and I suggest using them before buying.

When I use the liquid, I put a few drops under my tongue and then add it to a vape. I don’t normally vape, only when I need pain relief from the oil. You’re not restricted to vape or putting it under your tongue, you can also add it to drinks and drink it.

You can’t overdose on CBD, but you don’t want to use more than you need to because this stuff isn’t cheap!

This is the brand I use for the liquid, buy you some here


Out of the two, this. is. the. JAM.

Hands down, the best pain relief for cramps I’ve ever used. My sister in law and I split a jar of it to try it out and it’s worked wonders for us both. The things I love the most about it are the:

  • Smell. There has to be Eucalyptus in it or something because it smells amazing. It’s very similar to Vicks.
  • Consistency. It’s so smooth and velvety and a little goes a long way. Again, just like Vick’s!
  • Quick results. Within 15 minutes I went from being doubled over from pain to pain free.
  • Toxin free properties. Enough said.

What’s great about this product in particular is there are 5 levels of formations ranging from mild to the extreme pain, which is the jar we bought. The higher the level of pain you need relief for, the more expensive it sells for. A 44g jar of Level 5, or “Pro Sport”, retails for $90. It sounds steep, and it is really, but it lasts for so long that we’ll both get months of usage out of our investment.

To learn more about this brand or order products, visit there website.


BEFORE YOU GET YOUR HOPES UP: Check to see if CBD oil is indeed legal in your state it’s legal in my beautiful state of Delaware, but it may not be in yours.


Using CBD products may show a positive result for marijuana under drug testing. If you work for a company or play sports where testing is a possibility, ensure you can safely use non THC CBD products before buying.


Views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this post belong solely to me, the author. I didn’t write this to stop you from using current medication, but to tell all the women I know and love there are alternatives that may also work for them.

If you’re looking for an alternative with less controversy, I also topically use a range of essential oils. The main star is Muscle Relief from Eden’s Garden.


It has natural ingredients to topically reduce pain for all sorts of muscle pain. Think Icy Hot but without the toxic chemicals. And it smells so good!

Epsom Salt baths also help soothe Satan’s sting.

A long hot soak with a little Dr. Teal’s and a few drops of Eucalyptus and Lavender oils and you’re good to go.

I’m the first person to recommend natural remedies for any ailment we as humans experience.

From ear aches to muscle cramps, there’s not too many things CBD or Essential oils can’t handle. If you have any questions on finding your natural remedy way, shoot me a message!

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