Benefits of Drinking Water

Our body is made of 60% or more of water – drinking enough of it is imperative to keeping our bodies happy and healthy. Think of it like a car running without motor oil – it’s impossible, right? It’s the same principle here – we need H2O to keep our engine running too.

The benefits of drinking enough of it simply can’t be ignored.

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Benefits of drinking water include:

1. Flushes Toxins

Drinking enough flushes toxins out through sweat and urine. It also flushes our kidneys, decreasing the risk of UTI’s and kidney stones.

2. Improved Complexion

HELLO NATURAL WRINKLE SMOOTHER! It clears, moisturizes and smoothes skin giving our largest organ a natural glow and naturally decreases the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Natural Headache Remedy

Helps relieve headaches that are usually caused by dehydration.

4. Fluid Balance

Having our fluids balanced means regulated body temperature, food is digested better and nutrients are delivered to cells more efficiently.

5. Weight Loss

You read that right! Drinking enough usually leads to weight loss, and it’s not just water weight. Filling up on water = less calories are eaten. You can put me down for that right now!

6. Helps fight fatigue

Tiredness is a sign of dehydration – avoid that all together by drinking all the water.

7. Keeps your digestive system… moving

Drinking enough water adds fluid in our colon allowing our digestive system to do it’s job.

8. Fuels muscles

Muscles lose water as we sweat, and then they get tired and weak. Replenish your muscles as you sweat by drinking to make sure you finish your workouts strong. Don’t forget to add electrolytes!

9. Increases brain power

Our brains are made of 73% water. 73%! Drinking enough helps us think clearer, concentrate better and keeps our minds sharp.

10. Strengthens our immune system

It is also directly linked to a stronger immune system and is even proven to prevent certain cancers.

How much water should I drink?

I literally have no idea. And the internet seems to not know what the crap is going on either as far as how much water we should be drinking. Every person and every site says something different.

A popular sentiment seems to be men should be drinking almost twice as much water as women with women drinking 72oz a day. That suggestion makes no sense, as age, activity level and weight all play a part in how much water we need.

I’ve read and operate on the notion that we need half our body weight in ounces. Since I weigh 231lbs right now, that’s 115.5oz which is close enough to a gallon for me to make a gallon my daily water goal. I don’t always get it in, but sometimes I do and I can really feel a difference in my body when I drink my full gallon. Two weeks ago I didn’t drink any water at all (I was road tripping and surviving off of monster) and I could feel the muscles in my legs border line cramping.

I am never doing that to myself again.

Tips on drinking enough water

  • Add lemon or lime juice to plain water to jazz it up
  • Keep a water bottle with you at all times, no matter where you go
  • Order water instead of soda when you eat at restaurants
  • Download an app, like Daily Water, that’s specifically designed to remind you to drink

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