The beginners guide to weight loss

Beginners Guide to Weight Loss

There’s so many little ways to turn unhealthy to healthy.

This is the beginners guide to weight loss. Looking at the overall picture can overwhelm us really quickly and it’s enough for us to throw in the towel before we even pick it up. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating well and exercising – it’s about finding balance and being kind to ourselves, it’s about replacing bad habits with better ones. Not being perfect, just being better.

Beginners Guide To Weight Loss Tip #1: Focus on better food choices.

Food is the #1 variable in our life that we can fully control. No one holds us down and forces donuts and doritos into our mouths; we pick it up with our own hand and put it in our own mouth. It’s okay to treat yo self, just once in a while.

Some suggestions:

  • When the office buys pizza and you brought your own lunch, eat your own lunch anyway
  • Make a goal to only eat fast food once or twice a week, and stick to it
  • Keep healthy snacks in the house instead of junk food. You can’t eat what you don’t have!
  • Swap soda or juice for water
  • Eliminate processed foods as much as possible

Beginners Guide To Weight Loss Tip #2: Integrate exercise.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park a little farther away from the entrance at Wal-Mart (your car is safer there, anyway)
  • Set a goal to go for a walk 3 nights a week. Even if it’s just around the block. Start there, then build on it.
  • Mow the grass with a push mower instead of riding on one
  • Remember the gym is not necessary for a workout – the internet is full of at home workouts that use only body weight

Beginners Guide To Weight Loss Tip #3: Get enough sleep.

We all know a good night sleep is important, but did you know lack of zzz’s encourage our bodies to hold onto a nasty hormone called cortisol? Normal levels are essential to live, but high levels cause:

  • Increased hunger
  • Increased appetite
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure

and you guessed it, weight gain, along with many other negative effects. So get that shut eye, your body will thank you! Read more here.

Beginners Guide To Weight Loss Tip #4: Drink enough water.

The jury is really out as far as how much water each person should drink. I personally operate on half of my body weight in ounces, which is 117 ounces. Just about a gallon. Water to us is oil to a car motor and the benefits of drinking enough of it include:

  • More energy
  • Soft skin that glows
  • Controlled hunger
  • Stabilized mood

There’s a ton of reasons why it’s important to drink enough water. Just do it, okay?!

These may seem basic and common knowledge but for someone just starting out, these 4 pointers are enough to get you going. Also, don’t lose sight of why we want to lose weight. Is it to look better? Feel better? Health reasons?

Find your why, and you’ll already be on the way to a healthier + happier you. As a weight loss specialist, I would love to work with you one on one! Let’s talk!

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