Atkins Endulge PB Cups

These caught my eye last night – I mean how am I gonna see low carb peanut butter cups and not try them?

Quick Stats for one serving (2 cups): 160cal / 2g protein / 13g fat / 2g net carbohydrates

Alright. So I’m standing in line at the Walmart pharmacy last night minding my own business and I just so happened to catch these out of the corner of my eye. Atkins? 2g net carbs? Peanut butter cups?


If I found a magic genie and had a single wish, it would be that peanut butter was calorie free. While these aren’t calorie free, they’re practically carb free which is good enough for me. Thanks magic genie, wherever you are.

I grabbed the box, plopped on my couch and ripped the box top off. The cups are individually wrapped which I really appreciate. I like knowing I can have one or three, not be stuck to having two or four. So, good idea on your part Atkins people.

Some might call this dramatic, but I’m telling you when I bit into my first one the gates of heaven opened and I heard Elvis singing a duet with Conway Twitty. I really don’t know how this product has been made, but these are L. E. G. I. T. So legit, you know I popped another one.

First of all, they’re delicious.

Flat out. Consistency wise, they don’t have the same mouth feel as other low carb (aka low sugar) peanut butter cups which is a good thing cause usually they’re dryer than saw dust.

Second of all, there are five servings in this box – and each serving is 2 generously sized cups.

They’re surprisingly close, if not the same size at Reese cups. It seems like every time I buy them they’re smaller than the time before, so the fact that these are close in size makes me one happy gal.

Lastly, this box was like $5.88.

They’re the same price, if not cheaper than Reese cups. I don’t mean to keep comparing them to Reese cups, but what else am I supposed to really compare them to? At any rate, the price point is very reasonable.

These are great for my keto fam, too!

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