Altering Eating Plans to Fit Your Specific Needs

This post is fresh off of an Instagram story of mine from yesterday and it’s still got me hype. Let’s talk about why it’s okay to alter popular diet plans.

Paleo. Whole30. Keto. High Protein / Low Carb. Calorie Counting. Macro Tracking.

They come with rules that aren’t meant to be broken, but sometimes they have to be. Don’t agree with me? Hear me out.

I speak from personal experience: experience in both pushing through it and sticking to mainstream diet regulations regardless of what my body is telling me, and also in bending the rules to fit my needs. Not the needs of a celebrity, someone I follow on Instagram or someone I know from the gym.

I’m talking what my six foot, 229lb body needs. My. Needs.

Let me start off by saying I’m very familiar with the keto and high protein low carb lifestyles. I was keto for basically 3/4 of last year, and I’ve been HPLC for about half of this year. I’ve always found great success with both, but with that success there’s been draw backs that include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Suffering through race training
  • Constipation. Yes I said it.
  • Being sluggish

Basically not feeling or performing my best when I needed to most.

I know electrolytes, water, and all the other tricks of the low carb life. For me, sometimes they don’t make up for lack of instant energy.

Last year I was scared I wouldn’t have the ability to finish my first half, so I took Phillips as needed, drank coffee, and pushed through the exhaustion when I was training my hardest. I thought this was the only way I would have the willpower to say no to the foods I love and lose the weight I need to while gearing up for the longest race of my life.

This year I’m simply not doing it.

I have 1 unofficial and 2 official half marathons under my belt, and I know I’m capable of finishing another one. I also know that the weight will come off, at some point, and I’m not in a race to lose it right now.

The plan is to continue to eat HPLC for 95% of my meals, but also fuel my runs properly.

This is fresh off a comparison from the last few weeks of training without carbs to my 4 mile run on Sunday with them.

Running without carbs is not fun, fulfilling or encouraging. For me, it’s x minutes of aggravation, self doubt and destruction. No, no, and no.

The purpose of this blog post is to encourage you to listen to your body, too.

If there is something in your diet that isn’t working for you in this phase of your weight loss, training or living well journey – change it.

Runners have other requirements than weight lifters. Weight lifters have other requirements than cyclists. Cyclists have different needs than the average gym goer or exerciser.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Don’t allow outside influences of any sort to dictate how you fuel your own body. Look for signs it’s unhappy and re-adjust your mind and body.

Our bodies will always know what’s best for us, we just have to listen to it.

Tell me what you think!

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