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Alcohol + Weight Loss

I mean we can still drink and still lose weight, but it only hurts our efforts.

Okay real talk. If you’re killing yourself in the gym and making the best food choices you can, while drinking all the water you can stand – why would you even want to drink? I strongly suggest limiting alcohol consumption to a bare minimum while trying to lose weight, and here’s why.

#1: Calorie content.

Alcohol is high in calories with literally zero nutritional benefits.

1 beer: 110 calories | 3oz of whiskey: 215 calories | 1-8oz margarita: 450 calories

One or two beers, a couple shots of whiskey and a single margarita is alright if you can work it in, but how many people out there can limit themselves? I know I can’t. As Blake Shelton says…

When I have one, I’ll have 13.

Because of this, I choose to avoid it all together when I’m really buckled down.

#2: The snacking after the drinking.

This, I feel, is the biggest problem. You show me somebody who doesn’t get the munchies after a few drinks and I’ll give you some ocean front property in Arizona. Not only do we want to snack, it’s never on the right food – nobody tears up a salad a night after drinking. GIVE US ALL THE PIZZA.

#3: The hangover.

We’ve all been there. The bubble guts. The dizziness. The need to eat all the grease. I can’t think of anything worse than having to drag myself to the gym hungover. One of two workouts will come from a night of drinking: one with little to no effort, or an imaginary one.

#4: It’s stored as fat faster than any other food or drink.

And not just because of high calorie content – it’s absorbed quickly into our bodies. Our liver sees it as toxic and processes it before protein, carbs or fat – leaving them behind in order to eliminate the alcohol from our bodies.

That’s actually kind of cool though, isn’t it?

Want to have a couple beers? That’s fine! We all want a cold one from time to time, but drinking multiple times throughout the week is just hindering your weight loss effort.


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