Most weight loss focused blogs have stories of torturous childhoods, in depth details of “ah-ha!” moments that started weight loss journeys and all that stuff. But not mine.

I’m giving you the basic run down in lieu of tales of being young, bullied and obese.

The early days.

I’m not sure which of these is my first childhood memory: being laughed for burning my finger after I touched my aunts lit cigarette in an old crusty bowling alley – or – rolling under pews and counting knots in the wooden ceiling in an empty church while my dad organized his lessons for the week.

Either way, I grew up in the typical small town, in the typical house of 4 and I was fat. And I stayed fat through middle school, high school and the majority of my adulthood. I did have moments of clarity, and I lost a bit of weight when I was 15 by killing myself on the treadmill in my room, but I gained it right back again. Learning to lose it the healthy way without obsessing over exercising or starving myself didn’t come until more than a decade later. I continued to gain weight although it was the bane of my existence.

Where it began.

I was 29 in March of 2015 when I watched Fed Up and Hungry for Change. The two most eye opening, life changing documentaries I’ve ever come across. At this point I was sitting at over 300lbs+. They really made me reevaluate my life, priorities and forced me to face the harsh reality that I would develop health problems in the not-so-distant future. Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer all run heavily in both sides of my family, and if I didn’t change I would join them in becoming another statistic.

over weight

Here I am in all my 300+lb glory on March 14, 2014.

So what’s the plan, Stan?

The first step was a 7 day liquid juice fast. I don’t recommend it, but my then boyfriend (now husband) and I did it. After a few months of focusing on food choices, I felt and saw enough change that I was encouraged to incorporate exercising. The gym was a scary place at first with all the in shape, judging eyes but I forced myself to go. I didn’t know it, but this chapter would lead to another that included running races and training my way up to half marathon distances, working at the very gym that once frightened me, and now hiring a personal trainer. Speaking of personal trainers, this is insanely embarrassing to admit but I’ve passed both Personal Training and Weight Loss Specialist exams myself – so add that to the list of cool things I’ve managed to do in the last few years.

half marathon

Me after my second half marathon in Matewan, West Virginia – June, 2017

Current situation.

My highest known weight was 286lbs in 2013, a full year before the photo in the coral dress. I know, in my heart, I was well over 300lbs by the time I changed my lifestyle. My lowest weight to date was last February (maybe?), at 220. I’m currently sitting at 235 but I’m working towards my ultimate goal every day and I know I’ll reach it.

After losing my dad to renal cancer in January of this year, I’m fully realizing the importance of caring for my own health along with the health of my loved ones. Renal cancer is one of the handfuls of cancers related to obesity, meaning it’s one of the handfuls of cancers that can also be avoided. I’m my fathers guts, and it’s now a personal obligation to prevent it at all costs.

I’m making it my life’s ambition to support, motivate and help others in any way I can to help them live their best + healthiest life.

If you’re just starting out and don’t know what to do, are in a slump and need some support, or just lost a loved one and need someone who understands to talk to, shoot me a message. My ear is always open.

Or if you just want to see what’s up, follow my daily on Instagram.

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