10k Follower Giveaway

I am so grateful for this community. I really, really am. Everyone here is kind, understanding, supportive, encouraging, and usually knows just what to say on any given day. I’ve done giveaways in the past and I dare say it’s that time again.

I mean.


I opened this account more than 3 years ago simply to release the excitement of my new found lifestyle. My account is small peanuts compared to most, but the fact that over 10,000 people find me interesting enough to follow seriously blows my mind.

I’m sending one of my followers some of my favorite things to show my appreciation.

The rules are simple:
1) Follow your girl 🤘🏻
2) Like the giveaway post and tag a friend who might like a box of surprises 🛍
3) Send the giveaway post to your stories and tag me in it for an extra entry 🎉
4) You must live in the continental US 🇺🇸

It could be some of my favorite snacks, accessories, gift cards to my favorite stores, toxin free products, literally anything that strikes me. I did buy my first few items for my package this morning, and they are:

All toxin free and wonderful! With more to come!

I love being able to share what has helped make me feel the best I’ve ever felt.

At first I thought I would randomly select someone, but this is my own giveaway and decided I will look through the entries and choose someone who I think deserves it. I’ve done giveaways in the past where people who had non fitness related accounts won and I’m not doing that again.

I will sort through the entries and announce the winner this Sunday, February 10th.

I’m so excited to look through everyone’s accounts and select my person!

Head over to my Instagram post to enter!



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